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The Surf Clube da Madeira was founded more than 20 years ago by Miguel Costa and Marco Ferreira, two friends that fell in love with the surfing way of live and the hollistic experience that is being in the ocean with your self and a surfboard.


About Us

Meet Our Team

Who We Are


Joao Febrer

Owner & Instructor

Johny has more than 17 years of surf experience, and 13 years experience at teaching surfing.

He is completely dedicated to his students.

His goal is for them to become confident with their surfing skills and with the ocean.

Magdalena Szymaniak

Instructor & Marketing 

Magdalena arrived in Madeira in 2019 from Poland and she immediately felt in love with the island and surfing.

She ended a master degree in Physical Education and she is the only Polish surf instructor in Madeira.

Magdalena has an incredible capacity to understand what students need to improve to achieve perfect technique. 

Miguel Costa

Owner & Instructor

Mike is one of the 2 founders of Surf Clube da Madeira and instructor with over 20 years experience. He graduated from Physical Education.

He is an amazing surfer and a teacher that will give you all of his life surf experience

to turn you into a true surfer.

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