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The Surf Clube da Madeira was established over 20 years ago by Miguel Costa and Marco Freitas, two passionate surfers who have embraced the surfing lifestyle and the holistic experience of being in the ocean with just a surfboard. As a premier surfing club in Madeira, we offer world-class surf coaching, guided surf tours, and an unparalleled surfing experience on some of the best waves in the region.

About Us

Meet Our Team

Who We Are

Joao Febrer

Owner & Instructor

Johny has over 17 years of surf experience, and 13 years of expertise in teaching surfing. As a dedicated surf instructor, his primary goal is to help his students gain confidence in their surfing skills and feel comfortable in the ocean. With his extensive experience and knowledge, Johny provides personalized coaching and guidance to help his students achieve their surfing goals.

Magdalena Szymaniak

Instructor & Marketing 

Magdalena, the only Polish surf instructor in Madeira, arrived on the island in 2019 and quickly fell in love with the area's surfing scene. With a Master's degree in Physical Education, she has the knowledge and expertise to provide excellent surf coaching and Polish surf lessons to tourists and locals alike. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for surfing, Magdalena has an incredible capacity to assess her students' needs and guide them towards achieving the perfect technique.

Surf instructor Magdalena, beaming with her signature smile, prepares for a lesson on Alagoa Beach in Porto da Cruz with eager students.

Miguel Costa

Owner & Instructor

Mike, one of the two founders of Surf Clube da Madeira, is a highly experienced surf instructor with over 20 years of expertise in providing exceptional surf lessons. As a graduate of Physical Education, Mike has a deep understanding of the principles of sports education and knows how to tailor his instruction to the individual needs of his students. With his wealth of surfing experience, Mike can guide you through the fundamentals and advanced techniques to become a true surfer. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, Mike and the Surf Clube da Madeira surf school have the expertise to help you reach your surfing goals.

Rodrigo Farinha

Instructor & Intern in Surf Clube da Madeira

Rodrigo, was a Regional Champion of Madeira in 2015 and has more than 13 years of experience in surfing and 7 years of expertise in teaching.

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